To swipe is the way of the Ninja.

Angry Ninjas is an action-packed swiping game where you play as a ninja cutting down hordes of angry ninjas earning gold and glory. Using your finger as your weapon and swiping as your attack slice through waves of relentless ninjas. Learn each ninja’s weakness and build-up huge combos to rack up massive points. Finish your attack in style with a devastating fatality leaving only the remains of your enemies behind.

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  • Swipe through waves of angry ninjas.
  • Insanely addictive swiping gameplay
  • Awesome fatalities
  • Multiple game modes will keep you playing for hours.
  • Buy and upgrade your ninja weaponry.
  • Choose between daggers, chains, or swords to suit your style.
  • Compete against your friends through Game Center.
  • Prove you are the greatest Ninja ever!
  • Multiplayer coming August 2012!


  • iOS version 5.0 +
  • iPhone / iPod touch



What the others are saying

  • Suprisingly addictive. A superior application of this gameplay type.
    - Digital Download Game World
  • Combines Real Ninjas(tm) with the the fury of swiping, slashing and carving, now only on IOS.
    - Ronin Swipe
  • Super fun - way better than slicing up random fruit!
    - bernie076

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